To all who attended the Reunion, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

13 is the luckiest number last Saturday night event. Among the 32 who replied on the text message I sent, only this lucky 13 attended the event and 7 expressed their absence. On the other hand, 15 voted MO2 as the venue, above 13 voted for Bantayan Beach Resort  but among the 15 only 4 are present and the rest who are present pushed for either Bantayan Beach Resort or Alubihod Beach as supposedly the venue.

The May 30, 2009 Reunion is planned to build communication among IT Villegers, and encourage as many attendee as possible. It’s very sad to note that same faces are still present during the event and majority who voted for the venue are not present. But all in all, everyone enjoyed the event.

See you all on the next ITVille Reunion! We hope for your cooperation.



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